New plants from recent show

Went to the recent Kunia Orchid Association show and picked out a few new plants.  Re-named by Vee for our collection. 

Upsy Plumsy

Den. Little Atro


Epidendrum Miracle Valley ‘Aiko’

Candy Stripes

Phal. Taida King’s Caroline ‘Taida Little Zebra’


We are going to call this plant Wallace.

Because it’s one of the two large orchids given to me by my aunt BB about a year ago, from my late grandma’s collection.  I named the other one Kamila, after my Popo, Margaret Kamila Yuen.  This one is Wallace, after my Goong Goong, Wallace Lin Chew Yuen. 

With some help from r/orchids on Reddit, I’ve found the possible ID of this plant, Epidendrum ciliare, or now, Coilostylis ciliaris.  This forum has helped me with ALL of my orchid concerns.  Do find some general help online first though. 

Phal. Sogo Yukidian ‘V3’

This plant has had a new spike, and survived some root rot this year.  I think things are on the upswing for her now. 2016 jun 6  
Picked up this 3.5′ tall beauty today at Lowe’s.

I had to repot the last 3 orchids I purchased there immediately, during bloom, due to root rot. This was the worst! Inside that pink plastic wrapper was a stagnant pool of water. One day I’ll learn to resist a beautiful flower. 

I potted it in Leca and black cinder.  We’ll see how that goes.  Fingers crossed.